Low thickness natural products, 100% re-cyclable, respectful of persons and the environment. Also suitable for finishes of particular architectural value, improving both winter and summer residential comfort.

Low thickness renovation: Refurbishing buildings has these days become a priority to be carried out both from the point of view of energy or that of environmental integrity, but only after a careful analysis is it possible to identify the best technical solutions. NOBILIUM® THERMALPANEL is a product created to satisfy the many requirements and expectations of clients wishing to combine the refurbishment of environments with a tangible energy saving, with low thickness, natural and environmental friendly technical solutions which make dwellings perform better from a point of view of energy and noise reduction, as well as being healthier. Without the option of applying large thicknesses, it is of vital importance to identify the best products and technical solutions to be applied, while maintaining performance unaltered over time. Internal refurbishing requires careful planning and evaluation of the materials and systems to be adopted which, if underrated may result in undesired results. These days, the importance of preserving the capacity for absorbing and releasing environmental humidity without causing deterioration is notable, and the products of the NOBILIUM® series have been created and perfected to maintain unaltered this important characteristic. Each technical NOBILIUM® solution allows walls to remain functional while interacting with surrounding environmental variations, without creating conditions of accumulated humidity within, and always maintaining excellent conditions of transpiration in order to avoid deterioration of the overall insulating characteristics.



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